Angelica Caporaso Biography

Angelica Caporaso




Angelica Caporaso, painter and printmaker, was born in Argentina in 1928. She was active at the Atelier 17 after Stanley William Hayter relocated it to Paris. Caporaso moved to Paris in 1961 and, in 1969, she opened a studio there with fellow Atelier 17 artist, American Jean Lodge.

Since 1960, Caporaso has mounted solo exhibitions of her work in Buenos Aires, London, Paris, Brussels, Washington, D.C. and Tokyo. She has participated in numerous group shows, including but not limited to the Salon des Réalités Nouvelles, Paris; Gravure Argentine Actuelle, Centre Culturel Argentin, Paris; Salon d'Automne, Paris; Six Latin American Countries, New Midland Group gallery, Nottingham, Great Britain; Pratt Graphic Center, New York; Salon del Grabado, Madrid; Biennale Internationale Ljubljana; Estampes Canadiennes et Européennes, Canada; Quatre Graveurs Argentins, Centre Culturel Argentin, Paris; Quatre Graveurs de Paris, Helsinki, Finlande; Print Club of Philadelphia; and Salon de Mai, Grand-Palais, Paris.

Caporaso's work is represented in the collections of the Bibliothèque Nationale de Paris; Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique; British Museum, London; Free Library of Philadelphia; California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland; Musée de Caen, France; Musée Rimbaud, Charleville-Mezières, France; Museo de la Fundación Rómulo Raggio, Buenos Aires; Museo de Arte Moderno, Buenos Aires; Museo Nacional de Grabado, Buenos Aires; Meseo Sivori, Buenos Aires; Collection Latin-American Art, University of Essex, England; Museum of Contemporary Art, Skopje, Macedonia; the Minneapolis Institute of Art; and the National Gallery of Art, Washington.

Argentinean filmmaker John Dickinson filmed a documentary on Caporaso in 1974.