Anna Meyer-Zachurski Biography

Anna Meyer-Zachurski




Printmaker and painter Anna Meyer-Zachurski was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1954. She studied art theory and painting at Harvard University while majoring in Slavic languages and literature. Following graduation she traveled to Poland with the aim of enrolling in the renowned printmaking courses at the Akademia Sztuk Pieknych (Academy of Fine Arts), Krakow. However, after just one year, Meyer-Zachurski was accused of arson at her school despite having been traveling when the fire occured - owing, she thinks, to being the only American student - and was subsequently refused a renewal of her visa, therefor rendering her unable to complete her studies. She returned to the U.S. and took a position teaching English to Slavic language-speaking immigrants, continuing to pursue painting and printmaking in her spare time. In particular, she studied with master printer Robert Blackburn at Parsons School of Design, New School, New York. 

In 1988 Meyer-Zachurski relocated to Silver Spring, Maryland, and later settled in Washington, D.C. She became a member of the Washington Printmakers, with whom she remains a member today. She currently teaches lithography at Montgomery College and works as a fine artist and illustrator, using a Rembrandt Press for her intaglio prints which she often finishes with oils, graphite, and other mediums. Meyer-Zachurski exhibits throughout the East Coast as well as in Poland.