Lois S. Keeler Biography

Lois S. Keeler





Lois S. Keeler (née Lois H. Schilds), printmaker and painter, was born on 17 March 1904 to Henry and Maude Hinman Schilds in Eagle, Michigan. She graduated from the Michigan State Normal College in 1925.

On 9 August 1935, Schilds married Harold Emerson Keeler in her hometown of Eagle, Michigan. The couple was living in Denver, Colorado when Harold was offered a job at Boeing during World War II and they moved to Seattle, Washington in 1942.

In 1937, Carl Zigrosser of the Weyhe Galleries in New York City was instrumental in Lois Keeler’s success as an artist when he chose her work Light and Shade for the American Artist Group's Christmas card for that year. 

According to the Davidson Galleries, Keeler was notable for developing her own pastel stencil technique wherein she would brush pastel pigment through celluloid stencils with her hand-made brushes. Each delicate composition was meticulously assembled piece by piece and accented in pencil and watercolor. 

The work of Lois S. Keeler is in the permanent collection of the Seattle Art Museum, Washington where, in 1937, an exhibition of Lois and Harold Keeler’s work was mounted.

Lois Schilds Keeler died on 11 January 1997 in Lacey, Washington.