Mark Adams Biography

Mark Adams




The following is written and submitted by Jean Ershler Schatz, artist and researcher from Laguna Woods, California:

Mark Adams was born in Fort Plain, New York. on October 27, 1925.  He studied at Syracuse University from 1943 until 1945,  and at the Hans Hofmann School of Fine Arts in New York from 1945 to 1947.  His training with Hofmann came at a time when abstract art was at its most innovative and offered a compelling impetus to young American artists.  For a while he, too, pursued it.  In 1955 he studied with Jean Lurcat in France and in 1955 at the Ecole Nationale d'Art Decoratif in Aubusson, France.    

Adams was a watercolor painter and a tapestry artist.  He became involved with watercolor around 1975.  He was working on many architectural commissions at the time, both stained glass and tapestry.  He realized that despite his close supervision of their making, these works eventually acquired a certain physical and conceptual distance.  Looking for a medium and a technique that would yield close-range challenges and satisfactions, Adams turned to watercolor.  Most of his works in this medium are small, which  is probably no coincidence.  By the mid-1970s Adams had begun to question  the very techniques at which he had become so adept. He began to explore working with acrylics. The shift caused him considerable effort to aclimate himself to the difference in working with thicker paint, brushes and the changes necessary in techniques.    

He has lectured and taught at several colleges and participated in workshops, had numerous solo exhibitions and been included in group exhibitions in museums and galleries nationally and internationally.   

Adams was married to etcher Beth Van Hoesen.

Mark Adams died in January 2006.