John Whessell Biography

John Whessell




John Whessell was born in England in 1760. There is not much available in the way of biographical background.

"John Whessell was both an engraver and painter of some ability. Since he engraved many of his own paintings, a superior skill in the former department may have 'improved' any faults he may have had in oils... Whessell seems to have lived in London for most of his life... Principally as an engraver, but also as a painter, Whessell must have been a successful artist during his life, of which we know so little." (Lane: British Racing Prints p.182).

John Whessell lived for some time in Oxford, England and was active as a printmaker between 1760 and 1820 and died in London around 1823. He engraved works after Gainsborough, Morland, Stubbs, Stothard and others and was noted for his engravings of horses, primarily using stipple. He engraved Boultbee's "Durham Ox" and other cattle portraits.