David Warren Seyler Biography

David Warren Seyler




David Warren Seyler was born in Dayton, KY, on July 31, 1917. His formal arts education began in 1933 at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Ohio. He would go on to attend the University of Chicago and get his BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (1941). He attended the University of Colorado in the summer of 1951, and returned to the SofAI, Chicago, where he received his MS in Applied Art in 1955. Seyler studied sculpture, painting, and printmaking, though his pursuits were much broader and a prolific career included graphic design, stained glass, weaving, and furniture design and carpentry, among other mediums. Seyler taught at the University of Nebraska from 1948 – 1960. He exhibited throughout the United States and abroad, and was a Fellow of the International Society of Arts and Letters, 1963.

David Seyler passed away in Berkeley, California on October 23, 2010.