Andre Roland Brudieux Biography

Andre Roland Brudieux




Andre Roland Brudieux was born on 14 February 1921 in Saint-Moreil, Creuse, France. He spent his youth in Vendome where he worked as a wallpaper stenciller. In 1939 he began to work in etching and, in 1941, moved to Paris. He studied at the  École du Louvre between 1945-1957.

Brudieux was a sensitive artist who was part of the last group of the Surrealists around André Breton and participated in exhibitions with the surrealist group in 1950. He began to also work in woodcut in 1997. Brudieux’s imagery became more classic as he matured and he also became known as a writer who participated in all the great Parisian salons. He was also a collector of old wallpapers and artwork.

Andre Roland Brudieux died in Paris Jan. 17, 1999.