Gladys Sica Biography

Gladys Sica




Italian-Argentinian painter, sculptor, printmaker, and poet Gladys Noemi Sica was born in Buenos Aires in 1959. She graduated with a Masters in Art from the National Academy of Fine Arts in 1984, and in 1987 she received her Bachelors degree in Sculpture and Art History, and began teaching at Monte Grand in Argentina. In 1989 Sica settled in Italy where she continues to work and exhibit.


In 1997 Sica was a finalist in the Ramón Plaza poetry contect in Buenos Aires, and in 2005 she won the Antonia Pozzi poetry prize in Milan. She has also been a contributing writer to various publications including "Generación Abierto," an Argentinian arts and culture magazine.


You can find more information on Sica on her website.