Elizabeth Aline Colborne Biography

Elizabeth Aline Colborne




Elizabeth A. Colborne was born on 15 Feb, 1885 in Chamberlain, Brule County, South Dakota.  She was raised by relatives in Bellingham, Washington after both her parents died while in their early 40's.

In 1903 she studied art at Pratt Institute in New York with Arthur Dow and Walter Perry and her love for design began.  She returned to Washington in 1905 to work as an illustrator, but returned to New York to teach at the Decorative Disigners of NY.

In 1910 she studied at the National Academy with Mielatz, Henri and Rockwell Kent and continued an active career as a childrens book designer and illustrator.  In 1924 she studied woodblock printmaking at the Art Sudents League with Allen Lewis.

She spent her time between NY and Washington and returned to Bellingham full time in 1933 where she participated as an artist in the WPA.  She became a member of the National Association of Women Artists. In 1940 she went to work for Boeing, retiring in 1948

Elizabeth Colborne died on 21 Feb, 1948, Seattle, Washington.

An extensive biography can found in David Martin's book Evergreen Muse / The Art of Elizabeth Colborne, published by Whatcom Museum, Bellingham, WA.  ISBN: 978-0-295-99142-9.