Nina Negri Biography

Nina Negri

Argentinian / French



Nina Negri was born in Argentina in 1909, where she studied art.  She left for Europe and continued her studies in Belgium, England and France, where she studied with Lhote, Léger and Gromaire. Through them she was introduced to S.W. Hayter and began to work at Atelier 17 in Paris. She exhibited with the Atelier, as well as Salons de Independents and the Salons de Mai in the 1930’s.  She continued to travel throughout Europe, Africa and South America.  In the 1950’s she returned to work At Atelier 17 in Paris, experimenting with color printing and working with Ian Hugo on relief engraving.

Negri's work was represented in the important 1944 exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art in New York titled "Hayter and Studio 17" which included 60 prints by 32 artists from 12 nations.

Nina Negri died in Paris in 1981.