Theodore Brenson Biography

Theodore Brenson




Birth place: Riga, Latvia Addresses: NYC Profession: Painter, graphic artist, educator, lecturer, writer Studied: Beaux-Arts; Petrograd; Univ. Moscow; Univ. Riga, Arch. deg. Exhibited: WMAA, 1942, 1958; SAGA; NAD; LC; AIC; PAFA; MMA; Phila. Pr. Cl.; BM (purchase); Inst. Contemp. A., Boston; Pennell Fnd. (purchase); CAM; Salon d'Automne, Salon des Indp., Petit Palais, Bibliotheque Nationale, Salon des Realites, Paris, France; Tate Gal., London; Wittenborn Gal.; Newcomb-Macklin Gal.; SFMA; FMA (solo): Harvard Univ.; Roullier Gal.; NYPL.; Lyman Allyn Mus.; Currier Gal. A.; Munson-Williams-Proctor Inst.; CAM; Soc. Four Arts, Palm Beach, Fl (Channing Hare award); Douglass Col. A. Gal.; Rutgers Univ.; The Contemporaries; Stable Gal.; Rochester Mus. A.; DMFA; N.Y. City Center Gal.; Univ. Minnesota; Mint Mus. A.; Bradley Univ.; Wichita AA.; Galerie du Haut Pave, Paris; Galerie St. Laurent, Brussels; New Vision Centre Gal., London; Drian Gal., London. Awards: decorated by French State. Officier d'Academie," 1938; scholarship, Direction Generale pour les Relations Culturelles, Paris; Prix de la Critique, 1957; Prix Suisse de Peinture Abstraite, 1958" Member: SAGA; CAA; AAUP; Am. Abstract A.; Fed. Mod. P. & S. Work: Nat. Mus., Stockholm; LOC; Dumbarton Oaks Fnd.; NYPL; MMA; French Inst. in the U.S.; Carnegie Inst.; Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; BM; Contemp. A. Soc., London; WMAA, and in museums in Milan, Rome, Florence, Riga, Paris. Comments: Position: prof. a., Rutgers Univ.; chm., dept. a., Douglass Col., New Brunswick, NJ. Auth., illus, books on art and education. Contributor to national magazines in U.S. and abroad. WW47 Sources: WW59 (puts date of birth at 1893); WW47 (puts date of birth at 1892)