Sunol Munoz Ramos Alvar Biography

Sunol Munoz Ramos Alvar




Alvar Sunol was born in Montgat near Barcelona, Catalunya in 1935. Alvar began formal studies at the Escuel Superior de Bellas Artes de San Jorge in Barcelona and won the Young Painter's Prize in 1956. The following year the Instituit Francais awarded him the First Prize of the Circulo Maillo, a scholarship to Paris.

His studies in Paris led to the formation of an "Ecole de Paris" group show at the Galerie Chapentier. Alvar exhibits regularly in Paris and continues to win international prizes. Besides regular shows in France and Spain, Alvar's art is exhibited in museums and international art expositions including venues in United States, Tokyo, Sweden, Alexandria, Switzerland, Tel Aviv, and London.