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Marta Kremer




Painter and printmaker Marta Kremer was born on February 21, 1941, during the Nazi occupation of Poland. Following the end of the war, Soviet rule stifled much of Poland's artistic output, with works often scrutinized by censors on the lookout for anti-Communist sentiment. Kremer spent much of her childhood at home due to a weak heart and frequent illness. As a result of the times, Kremer's earliest memories are dark, filled with uncertainty and fear, a period she has drawn from throughout her career as an artist.

She graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in 1966 and began exhibiting, gaining recognition from Austrian and German art critics. By 1975 she was traveling to exhibitions throughout Europe and abroad. In December of that year she moved to New York on invitation of the Polish cultural organization the Kosciuszko Foundation, and worked and exhibited in Manhattan for a year. She then relocated to West Virginia, where in 1985 she became a naturalized citizen. 

Kremer continued to work from her home and exhibit internationally, recieving awards as well as grants for further travel. In 1991 she was able to return to Poland following the fall of Soviet rule, and in 1998 she returned permanently. She continues to work in Krakow. 

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