Tomoe Yokoi Biography

Tomoe Yokoi




Tomoe Yokoi was born in Nagoya, Japan in 1942. She began art studies at Tokyo’s Bunka-Gakuen University, where the curriculum was traditional techniques and the subject matter stressed realistic, everyday images such as fruits, musical instruments and flowers. Following her graduation in 1964, Yokoi moved to Paris and studied intaglio printmaking with Stanley William Hayter at Atelier 17. In Paris, Yokoi perfected her technique of mezzotint, expanding its parameters to include more complex images and subtle color nuances.

In 1971, Yokoi moved to New York City where she worked and introduced her art to new audiences. She developed a unique style that combines and is a synthesis of her Japanese, Parisian and New York experiences.

Yokoi has exhibited internationally in numerous air fairs and biennials. Her work is represented in the National Gallerie the Musee d' Art Moderne, Paris; the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris; Brooklyn Museum, New York; and the Free Library of Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania.

Yokoi has exhibited throughout Europe and the United States including: Norwegian International Print Biennial, Oslo; Paris International Print Biennial; SAGA National Print Exhibition, New York; IKI International Art Fair, Dusseldorf; British International Print Biennial, Bradford; and Ljubljana International Print Biennial, Yugoslavia.