Paul Wunderlich Biography

Paul Wunderlich





Born in Germany in 1927, painter, sculptor and printmaker Paul Wunderlich studied at the Hamburg Academy and after a three year stay in Paris returned to be Professor of the Art Academy there. He now lives and works in Hamburg and for part of the year in France.

His early work was in an "abstract-figurative" style, but in the sixties he adopted a more symbolist, even surrealist style. He painted and printed many images taken from the fine photographs by his wife, Karin Szekessy.

Wunderlich has held many major exhibitions world wide and has been winner of innumerable International prizes, particularly for his colour lithography. He has been immensley prolific and has a vast oeuvre of prints, paintings in many media, sculpture, jewelry and furniture design. His renditions after classic paintings by artists such as Dürer, Ingres and Rembrandt show his inventiveness.