Ralph Boyer Biography

Ralph Boyer





Birth place: Camden, NJ

Addresses: Westport, CT (1923-on)

Profession: Portrait painter, illustrator, etcher

Studied: PAFA, with William M. Chase, Cecilia Beaux, Anshutz, and Breckenridge (Cresson scholarship to Spain)

Exhibited: PAFA, 1901, 1909; Bridgeport Mus. Art, 1985

Member: PAFA

Work: WPA murals in Westport, CT; Mem. Chapel, Valley Forge, PA (stained glass windows); murals for Bridgeport Brass Co (collab. with Kerr Eby), 1942

Comments: During WWI, he was in Baltimore working in the U.S. Marine"s Camouflage Division. His illustrations appeared inScribner"s, Harper"s, Good Housekeeping, and others.

Sources: WW47; Community of Artists, 63