Ruth A. Wall Biography

Ruth A. Wall




Ruth A. Wall was born in Wyoming on September 10, 1917 but moved to a homestead on an Indian reservation in Uintah, Utah in 1919. After graduating from high school at age 16 she left home to attend college, graduating at age 20 and began teaching high school at age 21.

She moved to Los Angeles where she became an Army materials inspector during WWII. She moved to Northern California and became a pilot, but entered the service as a WAC. Here she trained as a physical therapist and became an officer. She remained in the service until 1949.

In 1950 she entered the California School of Fine Arts in San Francisco, studying there until leaving for Paris in 1952 where she moved into the Academie Frochot. Returning to the CSFA in 1955 she worked as an artist until she had to take a job to make a living in 1957. Most of her work in printmaking was done in 1952, before leaving for Paris. They are, for the most part, gestural, Abstract Expressionist lithographs, done on the press at the CSFA at night after everyone had gone home. Her teachers were James Budd Dixon, Robert McChesney and, after 1955, Nate Oliviera and fellow students included James Kelly, Deborah Remington, James Wasserstein and Sonia Gechtoff.

Ruth Wall died on December 14, 2009 in Vernal, Utah.

There was a book about Ruth, Love of the Stone, Ruth A. Wall, Abstract Expressionist Prints, 1952, published by Claire Carlevaro and the Art Exchange Gallery in San Francisco in 2007 ISBN: 1-60052-023-5.