Helene von Frauendorfer-Muhlthaler Biography

Helene von Frauendorfer-Muhlthaler




Painter, printmaker, and illustrator, Helene von Frauendorfer-Mühlthaler, was born Helen Mühlthaler on April 14, 1853 [or 1855], in Munich, Germany. She studied with the genre painter Eduard von Grützner in Munich and, in 1878, she joined the Kunstverein München and worked within the artistic circles of Franz von Lenbach, Franz von Stuck, and Friedrich August von Kaulbach. She specialized in genre scenes, floral still life, and portraiture of women and children.

Frauendorf-Muhlthaler produced a small body of color woodcuts, mostly focused on floral still life, but it is not known from whom she learned the technique. One of her pastels was exhibited in an exhibition at the Glass Palace in Munich in 1888, and her work was also exhibited in Dusseldorf and Berlin. On October 14 1893, she married Heinrich Frauendorfer, a German ministry official and transport minister to Bavaria who became Knight of Krauendorfer in 1901. When he was accused of falsifying antique coins, he took his life in 1921. Helene von Frauendorfer-Mühlthaler died in Munich on August 12, 1933.