Zsigmond Antal Walleshausen-Cseleny Biography

Zsigmond Antal Walleshausen-Cseleny





Zsigmond Antal Walleshausen von Cselenyi was born by some accounts in Fot, Hungary, or Vienna, Austria, on December 3, 1887; or possibly in 1898. He studied with Hungarian painter Simon Hollosy at his school in Munich, where he offered free classes, attracting young talents who were interested in realistic portrayal. Walleshausen eventually felt the influence of Modernism and the avant-garde, and he became involved with the KUT movement, a Hungarian group whose name translates to the New Society of Artists.

Walleshausen went on to work and live in Budapest, Munich, and Paris. Among the exhibitions he participated in throughout Europe were the Wiener Salon in 1920 and the Belvedere in 1922. In addition to painting, he gained respect as a printmaker, illustrater, and novelist. He also worked as a marionette maker, traveling with Geza Blattner's avant-garde puppet theater, the "Arc-en-Ciel." He died in France circa 1978.

His work can be found in the Municpal Museum and the National Museum des Beaux-arts, in Budapest.

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