Adrian Van Suchtelen Biography

Adrian Van Suchtelen





Adrian Van Suchtelen, painter, printmaker, and educator, was born in Semarang, Indonesia in 18 June 1941, moved to the Netherlands in 1950, lived and attended school in Leiden, Holland before immigrating to the United States in 1957. He first settled for a year in Michigan before moving to Los Angeles, California where he attended El Camino College (1959-1962) before applying to Otis Art Institute (1963-1966). Van Suchtelen was awarded consecutive scholarships and completed his BFA and MFA degrees in 1966. He studied with Joseph Hirsch, Joseph Mugnaini, and Moishe Smith.

In 1967, Van Suchtelen moved to Utah, and began his thirty-seven year career as Professor of drawing at Utah State University. He was a profoundly influential teacher and also taught painting, printmaking, design, and sculpture.

Van Suchtelen is a member of the Boston Printmakers and the Utah Arts Council and his work is represented in numerous collections including the Georgia Museum of Art, the Indianapolis Museum of Art at Newfields, the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, the Hunter Museum of American Art, the Springfield Museum of Art, and the Wichita Art Museum.