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Vytautas Valius




Vytautas Valius, painter, printmaker, and designer, was born on August 24, 1930 in Telsiai, Lithuanaia. He studied at Telsiai Zemaite School, followed by the Kaunas Boys School from which he graduated in 1950. He then entered the Lithuanian State Institute of Art (now the Vilnius Academy of Arts) where he studied drawing, painting, graphic art and bookmaking for six years. Among Valius' teachers were professors of drawing P. Aleksandravicius and K. Morkunas and assistant professor of painting A. Savickas. From 1965 to 1971 Valius lectured on drawing and composition at the Institute before leaving teaching to focus permanently on his own creative work.

In 1971 Valius established a studio in the city of Vilnius, becoming an active member of both the social and organizing life of Lithuania's artistic community. Though he would become best known for his printmaking and paintintg, he was equally prolific in book illustration and design, and was commissioned to decorate the Kaunas Hunter's Inn (1974), the Vilnius University Reading Room (1979), and to design a variety of sets for theaters throughout Vilnius. Among these were Kazios Saja's epic theatrical tryptich, "Oratorius", "Maniac", and "Prophet Jonah" (1967). His illustration output focused primarily on Luthianian history and folklore. 

After 1956, he exhibited in many international exhibitions in Germany, Italy, Poland, France, Russia, Norway, USA and Canada. Personal exhibitions were held in Vilnius (1967, 1982, 1995–1996, 1997), Kaunas (1982, 1990–1991), Šiauliai (1991), Plungė (1995), Panevėžys, Alytus, Telšiai, Mažeikiai (1996), Toronto (Canada), Chicago (USA) (1988), Detmold (Germany) (1993), Washington, D.C. (Alex Gallery). In 2000, Chodkiewicz Palace and Kaunas Picture Gallery held a retrospective exhibition of his work.

Vytautus Valius died in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 28, 2004.

1986: Tallinn Triennale, 1st prize
1974: Norwegian II International Graphic Exhibition (prize)
1982: Lithuanian State Prize for the series "Vilnius Architecture", a mural based on the "1863 Years in Lithuania" series by K. Donelaitius; and various books of poetry by Lithuanian poets. 
1996: Lithuanian National Prize for Culture and Art for the "Ecology of Culture" cycle of paintings