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Margo Consuela Bors




Painter, muralist, and printmaker Margo Consuela Bors is a San Francisco-based artist, born in 1942. She earned her Bachelor's degree in 1963 at the University of Rochester, New York, and in 1992 earned a degree in foreign studies at the University of Mexico, Mexico City. From 1972 to 1976 she pursued independent studies in fine arts at San Francisco City College. 

Bors worked as a muralist with the Precita Eyes Muralists, a non-profit arts organization founded in 1977 by Luis and Susan Cervantes in the Mission district of San Francisco. Among her comissions are works at Cesar Chavez School, SF (1995); the Bryant School (1989); San Francisco State University (1989); Potrero Branch Library (1982); Herrick Hospital (1981); She is known for her botanical works, with a focus on California native plants.  In addition to fine art, Bors is an environmental activist and preservationist who volunteers as a photographer for CalPhotos, part of the University of California digital library, for which she's contributed over 700 photographs of plant species. Her linocut, "California Poppies," is in the collection of the Library of Congress. 

Solo exhibitions: 

  • University of California, Medical Center, San Francisco, California, 1995
  • HCR Library of Horticulture, San Francisco, California, 1995
  • Garibaldi Gallery, San Francisco, California, 1992
  • Gramercy Towers, San Francisco, California, 1984
  • 22 August - 31 August, 2016 - Bors exhibited her piece of art, Rare Johnny-Jump-Ups Viola pedunculata and Callippe Silverspot from San Bruno Mountain at Helen Crocker Russel Botanical Gardens Library, San Francisco, California.
  • 2 March 1983 - San Francisco, City of St. Francis with Margo Bors Potrero exhibition located at Branch Library, San Francisco, California.
  • San Francisco's Helen Crocker Russell Botanical Library

Group exhibitions:

  • Stanwood Gallery, San Francisco, California 1995
  • Triton Muesuem of Art, Santa Clara, California, 1994
  • Luther Burbank Center, Santa Rosa, California, 1994
  • Galeria Museo, San Francisco, California, 1993
  • Arts Concepts Gallery, Walnut Creek, California, 1992
  • Berkeley Art Center Gallery, Berkeley California, 1991
  • Gumps Gallery, San Francisco, California, 1991
  • U.S- U.K exchange exhibit with Barbecan Centre, London England, 1989
  • Banaker Gallery, San Francisco, California, 1987
  • Civic Center, San Francisco, California, 1981

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