Verner Thome Biography

Verner Thome




Verner Thomé was born in Alajärvi, Finland in 1878. His first job was at the Tilgmans Lithographical Company which commissioned posters from Finnish artists. At the same time he attended the Helsinki University Art School. In 1898-9 he attended the drawing school at the Finnish League of Artists. He spent 1901 and 1902 in Munich at the Bavarian Royal Academy of Art. Between 1903 and 1910 he spent his summers with Magnus Enckell at Hogland on the Baltic Coast.
He first came to prominence in 1903 when he exhibited in Helsinki at the Exhibition of Finnish Artists, and then in 1904 visited Paris, Spain and Morocco. In 1906 he spent time in Italy and Southern France.
In 1909 he was one of seven co-founders of The Septem Group. Their inspiration came from the Helsinki, 1904 Franco-Belgian Exhibition that included Paul Signac and Henri Edmond Cross.
Thome exhibited at all Septem Group exhibitions, and the Exhibition of Finnish Art in Stockholm (1916). St Petersburg (1917) and Gothenburg (1923).
Thome’s work was also influenced by Vitalism, a Scandinavian – German movement whose doctrine can be tracked back to the 2nd century surgeon Galen. Vitalism also incorporated Nietzsche’s philosophy.
Verner Thome died in Helsinki, Finland in 1953.