C.V. Stubbe-Teglbjaerg Biography

C.V. Stubbe-Teglbjaerg




Printmaker and painter Carl Wilhelm Stubbe-Teglbjærg, who signed his work C.V. Stubbe-Teglbjærg, was born in Radby Skole, Fyn, Denmark, on May 14, 1894. He never attended formal art school, instead teaching himself how to draw while studying to become a veterinarian. Around this time he also began taking etching lessons with artist and conservator Hans Viggo Westergaard (1870-1928). He was encouraged by art dealer Hans Frandsen to make etchings and by 1917 he had built a reputation as a printmaker of classical Dutch landscapes. In addition to his personal output, he was commissioned to make illustrations for newspapers. It wouldn't be until 1941 that he began pursuing painting.

Stubbe-Teglbjærg exhibited in Sorø, Denmark(1921), Leipzig (1927); Kunstsalen, Aarhaus, Denmark (1932), Chicago Art Institute, IL (1934-6); Claridge Gallery, London (1931), Walter's Gallery, London (1952, 1954), Marcel Guiot Gallery, Paris (1933), and Societé de l'Ecole Francaise, Paris (1959), among many others. He died in Denmark on September 29, 1971.