Adolphine Sutro Fullerton Biography

Adolphine Sutro Fullerton




Adolphine Charlotte Sutro Fullerton, watercolorist, portrait painter, and printmaker, was born in San Francisco on November 5, 1892. She was the daughter of businessman and the 24th mayor of San Francisco, Adolph Heinrich Joseph Sutro and Clara Louisa Kluge. Her father, owner of the Cliff House and Sutro Baths in San Francisco, died when she was six-years-old. He had never married her mother so Clara Kluge added the name Sutro to the family surname. Adolphine enrolled in classes at the San Francisco School of Art (eventually the San Francisco Art Institute) from 1910 through 1913. She studied architecture and designed a number of San Francisco homes. In 1916, she is listed as living in San Francisco and her occupation was given as artist.

In 1921, Adolphine married Elliott LaZier Fullerton, publicity director for Metro-Goldwyn Mayer's San Francisco office, but they divorced in 1930. She moved to Los Angeles in 1937 where she continued to paint and worked as a real estate broker. She became known for her portraits of celebrities.

Fullerton was a member of and exhibited with the San Francisco Women Artists, the American Watercolor Society and the New York Watercolor Society.

Adolphine Charlotte Sutro Fullerton died in Los Angeles on 2 January 1974.