Albert Edward Sterner Biography

Albert Edward Sterner




English painter, printmaker, and illustrator Albert Edward Sterner was born in London in 1863. His formal art training began at King Edward's School, Birmingham, followed by studies at the studios of Jean-Leon Germone and Gustave Boulanger. In 1879 he followed his family to the United States, where they had previously setting in Chicago. Sterner then opened a lithography studio in New York in 1885, where for three years he took commission as an illustrator for such publication as Harper's Magazine, Scribner's, and Collier's

In 1888 Sterner returned to Paris to study at the Academie Julien, and he remained in France for ten years. Upon his return to the U.S. in 1918, he took a teaching job with the Art Students League in New York where among his students were Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Jacob Burck. He exhibited his work at the Art Institute of Chicago and in 1941 he was awarded the Carnegie Prize from the National Academy of Design. 

Sterner died in 1946.