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Carl Skottsberg




Botanist and watercolorist Carl Johan Fredrik Skottsberg was born in Karlshamn, Sweden, on December 12, 1880. It's unknown if he ever had formal training in art, though its likely he may have had some tutoring in the subject to prepare for his work in botany. He recieved his doctorate in the subject from Uppsala University in 1907, after a three year appointment as the offical botanist for the famed Swedish Antartic Expedition (1901 - 1903) to Patagonia. 

Skottsberg would return a second time to Patagonia where, in addition to recording the flora of the region in watercolors, he captured various sights along the way, including the abandoned huts of a penal colony that operated there from in the 19th century. He is also thought to be the last person to see the Santalum fernandezianum sandalwood tree alive. It was logged to extinction by profiteers for its valuable, aromatic wood. 

Later, he would become known for his work in founding the Goteborg Botanical Garden, one of the largest in Europe. He died on June 14, 1963 in Gothenburg, Sweden.