Matteo Sandona Biography

Matteo Sandona





Painter and etcher Mateo Sandona was born in Schio, Italy and raised in the Alps. He began drawing and painting as a child and his parents, hoping to give him more opportunities to pursue art, moved to the United States in 1894. After the continued recognition of his talents by teachers, who encouraged him to teach his classmates art at the tender age of twelve, Sandona’s father realized his mistake in leaving Italy without sending his son to its art institutions. He sent him back to study with masters.
Sandona would study at the Verona Academy and in Paris under Napolean Nami and Moses Bianci. He eventually returned to his family in New Jersey and continued his studies at the National Academy of Design. In 1901, he and his father moved to San Francisco to improve his father’s rheumatism. That same year Sandona founded the California Society of Artists with artists Gottardo Piazzoni, Xavier Martinez, Charles Peter Neilson, and William Bull, reacting against the rigid, conservative standards they witnessed in San Francisco. Sandona opened his own studio and began exhibiting throughout the Bay Area. He would continue to travel and study throughout Europe before moving to Santa Barbara, California, in 1911, and marrying Gertrude Unger in 1913.
Some exhibitions include: The Art Institute of Chicago; Carmel Art Association; National Academy of Design; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; San Francisco Art Association. He was a member of the American Federation of Arts; Bohemian Club; Carmel Art Association; San Francisco Art Association-Member.