Enrique Sánchez M. Biography

Enrique Sánchez M.





Enrique Sánchez M., painter, printmaker, and teacher, was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico on 31 August 1940. Since early childhood he was encouraged to draw and paint and his father was the landscape painter, Vincente Sánchez Muñoz. Enrique studied at La Esmeralda Academy of the Instituto Nacional de Belas Artes in Mexico City where he has since lived and worked.

In 1963, Sánchez M. was included in the Seventh Watercolor Salon at El Instituto de Arte de Mexico where he was awarded a prize. He became a professor of plastic arts and continued to experiment in various techniques. in the 1970s, he toured Europe where his work was included in numerous exhibitions.

Sánchez M. returned to Mexico City where he began to paint the Valley of Mexico as one of the main themes of his works. His style embraces both realism and abstraction and he is recognized as one of the best landscape painters in Mexico.