Adolfo Saenz Biography

Adolfo Saenz

Costa Rican



Adolfo Saenz was born Adolfo Saenz Gonzalez on November 2, 1898, in San Jose, Costa Rica. He was a woodcarver, furniture designer, and printmaker. He married noted Costa Rican artist Luisa Gonzalez Feo (1899 - 1982), a painter and stained glass designer. They were both part of the Circulo de Amigos del Arte (Circle of Friends of Art) group which included many of Costa Rica's leading modern artists at the time, including Francisco Amighetti, Teodorico Quiros, Francisco Zuniga, and others. Adolfo and Luisa had two children, Flora and Guido, who would become noted artists of their own accord. Adolfo died in early April of 1972, and was buried in San Jose on the 21st.