Albert Rosenthal Biography

Albert Rosenthal




Albert Rosenthal was born in Philadelphia on January 30, 1863 and was known as a painter, etcher and lithographer. He studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art; the Académie Julian, Paris in 1880; l'École des Beaux-Arts under Jean Leon Gérôme, and also in Munich.

Albert Rosenthal became a portrait painter, printmaker, writer, and collector in Philadelphia, Pa. Rosenthal was a student of his father, engraver Max Rosenthal (1833-1918) at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine art, and later published a book about him. He is also known for his portraits of Supreme Court Justices, and his collection of American drawings, which he donated to the Free Library of Philadelphia in 1927. He moved to Bucks County Pennsylvania in 1928
Rosenthal was a member of the Washington Art Club, Salmagundi Club, Charcoal Club in Baltimore, the Locust Club in Philadelphia and the American Federation of Art. He received a bronze medal at the St. Louis Exposition in 1904 and a bronze medal at the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, 1915. Rosenthal also exhibited at the Salon of Independent Artists in 1917 and the Salons of America.
He is represented in the Brooklyn Museum, Butler Art Institute in Youngstown, Ohio, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Kansas City Art Institute, Detroit Institute, St. Louis Museum, Dallas Art Association, Rhode Island School of Design and the Newport Art Association.

Albert Rosenthal died on December 20, 1939.