Wanda Agnes Reichman-Roose Biography

Wanda Agnes Reichman-Roose




Wanda Agnes Reichman-Roose was born in Moscow, Russia on September 15, 1882, the daughter of the engineer and state council Sigismund Reichman and Caroline Le Verrier. As Wanda grew up she showed an undeniable passion for painting, and though her family wanted to remain in Moscow, they recognized Wanda's artistic gifts and moved to Sweden, where she was able to obtain an extensive international degree. She studied art in Warsaw 1900-1902 and, with a recommendation from a Polish professor, Roose attended the Academi Colarossi de Paris, from 1900-1902 where she studied with Norwegian artist Christian Krohg and also studied in Italy. At the Acadamie she met Danish painter Aage Valdemar Larsen Roose, and they married in 1907 in Denmark, where they had daughter Gunvor Wanda. They moved for some time to Filipstad, Sweden.

She participated in a number of Danish and international exhibitions. In Sweden she exhibited with her husband at the Stockholm Art Museum in 1919 and the Museum of Värmland in 1950. Her artwork consists of landscape paintings from, among other things, the Swedish summer landscape executed as oil paintings or woodcuts. Wanda Roose is represented with her printmaking at the Art Museum's printmaking collection in Copenhagen and Lund University Art Museum in Lund, Sweden. 

Wanda Roose died in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 2, 1965.