Albert Henrik Repholtz Biography

Albert Henrik Repholtz




Painter and printmaker Albert Henrik Repholtz was born in Nysø, Denmark, in 1863. He received his Bachelor's degree in math and natural sciences from the Roskilde School before attending the Academy of Fine Arts, Kopenhagen, where he was studied with C.F. Andersen. In 1883 he enrolled in classes at the Artist's Studies School where he was a pupil of P.S. Kröyer and L. Tuxen. He began to exhibit his paintings in 1886, primarily focusing on interiors and portraiture. After graduation he contracted a debilitating illness that kept him from painting for nearly a decade, and upon recovery he abandoned painting entirely to focus on graphic arts and printmaking, specifically mezzotint. He also became an art critic, writing for Danish art publications. Repholtz cofounded the Society for Graphic Arts in Kopenhagen and remained chair of the association until his death in 1928.