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Painter and printmaker Jose Antonio Quintero was born in Caracas, Venezuela, on August 9, 1946. He studied fine art at the Cristobal Rojas School (1960 - 1964) and graphic design at the Neumann Intitute (1964 - 1968). Focusing on printmaking, he took further lessons in the workshops of Luisa Palacios and Luis Chacon. Initially inspired by the Pop Art movement of the 1960s, an interest in Venezuelan history and culture refocused his attention to the landscapes of his homeland, expressed through a Surrealist style informed by the symbols of his indigenous heritage. This brought him to the forefront of Venezuelan art culture and in 1981 he was invited to participate in the major exhibition "El paisaje liberrimo - 1981" (The Wild Landscape), organized by the National Countil of Culture, Bogota at the Galeria de Arte Nacional, Caracas, Venezuela. He also participated regularly in the Bienal de Artes Visuales, Caraca, Venezuela, and the Bienal de Sao Paulo, Brazil.

His work is included in the Museo de Arte Moderno Jesus Soto, Venezuela; the Bolivar Museum of Fine Arts, Caracas, Ven.; the Costa Rican Art Museum, San Jose, Costa Rica; the Municiple Art Gallery of Puerto La Cruz; the International Center for Arts of the Americas, Museum of Fine Art Houston, TX; and the Barbados National Art Gallery, as well as private collections throughout South America. Quintero died in Caracas in 2012.

Solo Exhibitions:
1963 El Pez Dorado Gallery, Caracas.
1971 Banap Gallery, Caracas.
1973 "Recurring Fables", La Librería, Sala Mendoza, Caracas.
1974 "The glass well", Sala Mendoza, Caracas.
1975 "The Idealized Landscape". Monte Avila Gallery, Bogotá - Colombia.
1976 "Traces", Sala Mendoza, Caracas.
1979 "El Ávila: rocks and dreams", Sala Mendoza, Caracas.
1981 "Hills, trees and valleys", Sala Mendoza, Caracas.
1987 "The Garden", Siete Siete Gallery, Caracas.
1994 "Life, Form and Color, Flowers, Insects and Plants", Expo Room of the GDF Government Palace.
2000/2006. A-Siete Gallery, Caracas.
2006 "Mountains, Grasses and Clouds". Paintings 

Group Exhibitions:
1962-64 I, II, III. Goldfish Hall. Cs.
1963-68 Annual Official Salon of Venezuelan Art. Museum of Fine Arts. Caracas.
1964 -69 Arturo Michelena Hall. Valencia, Edo. Carabobo.
1967 I Latin American Biennial of Drawing and Engraving. Faculty of Architecture, Central University of Venezuela, Caracas.
1969 II International Engraving Biennial, Pistoia-Italy.
1973 Ernesto Avellán Award, S. Mendoza, Caracas.
1977 Tribute to Avila, National Art Gallery, Caracas.
1978 The New Image of Simón Bolívar, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Caracas.
Bolivar New Image, National Museum, Bogota Colombia.
1978 Little History of Drawing in Venezuela, Estudio Actual Gallery, Caracas.
1979 Moments of Venezuelan Painting in the 20th Century. Venezuelan Center of Culture. Bogota Colombia.
1981 The Free Landscape in Venezuela in the 20th Century, Venezuelan Cultural Center, Bogotá - Colombia
1981 XVI Sao Paulo Biennial Brazil.
1982 The Itinerant Landscape, National Art Gallery, Caracas; 14 at your own risk, Museum of Fine Arts Caracas.
1983 II Biennial of Visual Arts. Contemporary Art Museum. Caracas 1984. 100 Works from the Contemporary Art Collection. Caracas.
1985 III Visual Arts Biennial. Barquisimeto Art Museum. Barquisimeto Edo. Lara.
1986 Three Artists from the Institute of Design, Sala Ipostel.
Western Extension of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Caracas
1987 Readings of National Art, National Gallery, Caracas.
1991 46 in the Landscape, Maracay Art Museum, Edo. Aragua; Caracas in the Landscape, Sofia Imber Museum of Contemporary Art, Caracas

1963 Mention, II Círculo Pez Dorado Hall, Mendoza Hall
1967 Honorable mention, I Latin American Biennial of Drawing and Engraving, Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, UCV
1968 Rotary Club Award, XXVI Arturo Michelena Hall
1973 Landscape Award, I Salón Centro Plaza, Caracas; Work scholarship, Avellán Prize, I Salón Avellán, Sala Mendoz
1974 First Prize, Centro Plaza Caracas Hall.
1980 Comprehensive Award from the National Library Autonomous Institute, as one of the illustrators of the RE_CUEN Book. Eugenio Mendoza Foundation Edition, Caracas.