Anna Mae Aiello Biography

Anna Mae Aiello





Anna Mae Aiello (nee LiCavoli) was born in Terrasini, Sicily to Giuseppi and Concetta Ventimiglia LiCavoli on 8 January 1903.  Her family immigrated to the United States in 1905 and her formal education ended in the fourth grade.

She is also known as Annie Aiello and Anna M. LaCovoli. Official government records list her last name as Aeillo and Arello; e.g. the 1920 Census has her listed as Anne Arello [Anne Aiello]. 

Anna Mae married Joseph (Giuseppi) LaCavoli when she was eighteen years old.  The 1930 US Census lists the couple residing at 409 Howard Street in Martinez, California.

Anna M. LeCavoli Aiello died in Martinez, California on 27 March 1995.