Paul Hans Ohmert Biography

Paul Hans Ohmert




Paul Hans Ohmert was born on October 23, 1890 in  Zielenzig (Neumark), Germany, the son of Hermann and Bertha Ohmert. The family moved to Drossen in 1895 and Paul Hans studied art as a young student.  In his early years Ohmert created an extensive work of drawings and etchings. An etching of "Muschelfischer of Sylt" from 1908 (age 18) suggests  wealthy patrons, as the North Sea resort certainly lay outside the scope of his experience. He moved to Berlin where he studied with Hans Looschen, Karl Hagemeister and his major influence the noted Max Liebermann, members of the Berlin Secession. Ohmert showed in the 1910 Dortmund print exhibition at the age of 20. In 1912 he married Berta Hoffman and had a son, Gerhard, in 1914. He remarried in 1920 to Désirée Moliere in Antwrerp.

In 1921 he exhibited at Amsler & Ruthardt in Berlin (catalog) and also in 1921 he was commissioned to be a member of the German-Dutch Association for an Expressionists exhibition in The Hague, Netherlands. Ohmert had a  studio in Güterfelde, located in the southwest of Berlin.  In 1939 he was a visiting professor in the Netherlands, returning to Oberstdorf, Germany in 1942 where they built their own house. Ohmert's estranged son Gerhard moved to Russia in 1942.

After a stroke in 1955 that partially paralyzed him Paul Hans Ohmert died in Oberstdorf in the Allgäu on August 8, 1960.