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Max Nathan




Painter and printmaker Max Nathan was born in Aarhaus, Denmark, in November 4, 1880. He studied under Johan Rohde at the Royal Academy of Art in Denmark, focusing on oil painting. In 1910 he relocated to Paris to study in the workshops of Maurice Dennis and Edouard Vuillard from 1910 - 1911. His early works focused on landscapes and figurative compositions in the traditional style he learned in Denmark. Once he had immersed himself in the modern art scene of metropolitan Paris his style became more expressive. He took an interest in woodcuts beginning in the 1920s, though the style he used with this medium was minimalist, using primarily just black ink, and the composition were more graphic and illustrative in nature. He died in Denmark in Kildekrog, Denmark, on January 17, 1952.

Exhibitions: Charleville, spring of 1904, 1910, 1914 - 15; Associated Jewish Artists, Copenhagen, 1908; Landsudst., Aarhus, 1909; Young Jutland Painters, 1918; Jyske Painters 1919 - '20; Free Jutland Painters, Aarhus, 1922; Artists Unite, 1932 - '42; Deer Park Painters, 1935 - '43. Solo and duo shows: with Ernst Koie in 1916 and 1918; Council Hall, Aarhus 1921; Art Boden, Copenhagen, 1922; Binger, Copenhagen, 1934, 1936; Soren Haslund, Copenhagen, 1942; among others.