Ira Moskowitz Biography

Ira Moskowitz




From the Mourlot Editions website:

Ira Moskowitz was born in Galicia, Poland, in 1912 and emigrated to the USA in 1927. He studied at the Art Students League from 1927-31, after which he traveled to Paris and Israel. In 1938, Moskowitz returned to New york, traveling frequently to Taos and Santa Fe, New Mexico until finally settling there permanently in 1949. He devoted much of his life and career to producing Judaic art as well as pueblo life, "regionalist" subjects depicting both the New Mexico landscape and life within the state's melange of cultures. During his time in New Mexico, Moskowitz flourished as a printmaker which continued to become a major part of his life and art even after leaving the Southwest. Moskowitz had a greatly successful career, earning himself the Guggenheim Fellowship in 1943 and exhibiting throughout his career.

Moskowitz died in New york in 2001.