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Philippe Mohlitz




Engraver, sculptor, silversmith, and draughtsman Philippe Mohlitz was born Emile-Philippe Magauxdoux in Saint-Andre-de-Cubzac, France, on March 7, 1941. His family relocated to Bordeaux when he was still a child. After showing an interest in drawing at a young age, he trained in draughtsmanship at the National Geographic Institute and, after an exhibition in Rueil-Malmaison in 1964, he was encouraged to train in engraving. He entered the studio of artist and draughtsman Jean Delpech in 1965, focusing on engraving with the Grand Prix 1948 recipient. Otherwise, Mohlitz was primarily self-taught and took great stylistic inspiration from Albrecht Durer and Rembrandt, while his fantastic and surrealistic subject matter often took a cue from M.C. Escher, Hieronymous Bosch, and others.

By the late 1960s he was exhibiting regularly and had become a frequent participant with the Society of French Painters-Engravers, and in 1970 he was commissioned to illustrate Ville Volante by French Surrealist author Marcel Bealu, the first of many literary collaborations. In 1971 he was awarded the Florence Gould Foundation Prize and was accepted into the French art school La Casa de Valesquez in Madrid, Spain.

He continued to live and work in Bordeaux and to exhibit internationally, including in Japan, the United States, Switzerland, Norway, and more, until his death on March 14, 2019.

1964: Rueil-Malmaison, France
1967: Paul Proute Gallery, Paris, France
1969: Society of French Painters-Engravers, Paris
1970: National Library of France
1972: Kunsthaus Fischinger, Stuttgart, Germany; French House, University of Columbia, New York (with M.C. Escher); Tendenz Gallery, Sindelfingen, Germany; Galerie Fontaine, Paris; Continents Gallery, Brussels
1973: Fitch-Febvral Gallery, New York; Casa de Valesquez, Madrid; Bancho Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
1974: Kunsthaus Fischinger
1975: French Cultural Center, Stuttgart; Gothenburg Museum, Gothenburg, Sweden
1976: Mansmuseum, Orebro, Sweden; Galeria Balos, Las Palmas, Canary Islands; French Cultural Center, Oslo, Norway; Larsson Gallery, Gavle, Sweden; Merton G. Boyd Gallery, Columbus, OH
1977: Byck Gallery, Louisville, MO; Walton-Gilbert Gallery, San Francisco, CA; Bernard Letu Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland; Huguerie Gallery, Bordeaux; Jacques Casanova Gallery, Paris
1978, '86, '88, '89, '91: Gallery 2016, Hauterive, Switzerland
2002: "Victor Hugo and Contemporary Artists", municiple gallery of contemporary art, Chamalieres, France
2011-2015: Mader Gallery, Paris
2012, '14, '15: Workshop 109, Bordeaux
2018: Permanent installation of engraved work, Graphics Corner Gallery, Brussels; "Pillager of Dreams", Bordeaux Museum of Fine Arts
2019: Retrospective, Taylor Foundation, Paris (posthumous)

Philadelphia Museum of Art, PA; Museum of Modern Art, NY; Art Institute of Chicago, IL; National Library of France; Bordeaux Museum of Fine Arts, France; and others.