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Joan Miro




Joan Miro, painter, muralist, printmaker, sculptor and ceramicist, was born in the Spanish port city of Barcelona on April 20, 1893. He studied at the School of Industrial and Fine Arts as well as at La Escuela de la Lonja art institute and the private Academia Gali in Barcelona­­­.

Miro first visited Paris in 1919 and became a resident in 1921, the same year he mounted his first solo exhibition at the Galerie La Licorne. Paris was still the center of the art world and he met Picasso and other great artists. Miro joined the circle of the Surrealists in 1924 but never fully committed himself to the movement and was eventually excommunicated.

During the Second World War, Miro sought refuge with Braque at Varangeville but returned to Spain in the midst of the war. In 1941, the Museum of Modern Art, New York mounted a retrospective of his work and, in 1947, Miro visited New York and worked at Atelier 17 with Stanley William Hayter. The International Grand Prize for engraving was awarded to Miro at the Venice Biennial in 1954 and in 1956 the Museum of Modern Art mounted another retrospective exhibition of his work. Miro moved into his villa at Palma de Majorca in 1956.

Joan Miro died on December 25, 1982, in Palma de Majorca, Spain and his villa was transformed into the Miro Museum in 1992.