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Anita Margrill




ANITA S. MARGRILL was born in New York City on April 1, 1937.  She attended Cranbrook Academy of Art, received her BA from Bennington College, her B. Architecture from CUNY School of Architecture and Environmental Studies, and her MA in Interdisciplinary Arts from San Francisco State University.

The artist has had grants from the New York Foundation, American Iron and Steel Institute, and Copper Development Association as well as numerous Public Art competition awards. She has been artist-in-residence at the Djerassi Foundation, Woodside, CA; has received a National Endowment Interarts Grant (funded through the Night Fire Theater Company) and an Art-in-Public Buildings Award from the California Arts Council.

As a licensed architect she has designed and built several passive solar houses and she holds numerous copyrights and patents for her water distribution systems. She currently resides in San Francisco, California.

The following is a list of some of her work:

2015-2020 Development of Solar Kiosk, a patented solar community 'billboard' for municipal urban open spaces2013 Peninsula Tell Tail and Overlook, solar/wind beacon: Redevelopment Agency, Emeryville, CA.

2004-2008 Design of Synagogue for the Concrete Alliance to reflect new techniques in the field of reinforced concrete. 2001-2005 Ventura Community Park, collaboration with MIG Landscape Architects, integrated seating, lighting, and sculptural shade structures: Community Services Department, Ventura, CA.1998-2006 MUNI Third Street Light Rail, design team for 5.4 mile long transportation corridor: San Francisco Arts Commission.2001-2003 The History of Texas Law Enforcement in the Dallas Landscape, sculptural glass walls, Dallas Police Headquarters interior lobby:  Office of Cultural Affairs, Dallas, TX.

2000-2003 Clepsydra: A water clock for "E" Street Plaza, Department of Parks and Community Services, Davis, CA.

1997-1999 Member of 'Gyroscope' design team, designing interactive exhibitions for Exploration Place, a discovery museum designed by Moshe Safde, Architect: Wichita, KS.

1999-2002 Signalmen, an entry at Marina Way utilizing marine flag codes: Catellus Development Corporation, Richmond, CA.
1997-1999 Satellite Palm and Divided Arch, sculptures for two light rail stations: North, South entry to Sunnyvale, CA: Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority.
1994-1999 Interpretive walkway and entrance to Linda Mar State Beach, Pacifica, CA site plan and design: Office of State Architect, CA Arts Council, City of Pacifica.
1995-1997 Wind Pavilion, a shelter and shower for Sunnyside Beach: Washington State Arts Commission, Steilacoom, WA.
1995 Neptune's Chair, a floating oxygenation system and kinetic sculpture: Manhattan Beach, CA.
1995 Spiral Paths, a water sculpture: Prospect Park Lagoon, Brooklyn, NY.
1993 The Meeting of the Two Rivers, a large scale water sculpture that functions as a traffic median: Office of Community Development, Antioch, CA.
1988 Deconstruction Zone, San Francisco Art Commission Gallery's 'City Site' project, large scale installation celebrating a building once located on this site: San Francisco, CA.
1987 Memorial to Harry Houdini, large scale wind catcher sculpture to be used as a stage set for theatrical productions: ARTpark, Lewiston, NY
1975-1980 NYC Mayor's Office of Neighborhood Government's Play Street Program: prototypes, manufacture of water sculptures for inner city programs.
1973/1975 Climbing X's and Climbing X's II, water sculptures funded by the American Iron and Steel Institute: Jackson Square Park, NYC; Parker Hill Playground, Boston, MA.