Morikazu Maeda Biography

Morikazu Maeda




Born in 1932 in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan, Morikazu Maeda is considered a national treasure in his home country for his more than four decades of devotion to ukiyo-e-Japanese wood block printing. Mr. Maeda has been awarded numerous prizes and his works are or have been on display in the Hamamatsu Art Museum in Shizuoka Prefecture, the Japan International Art Museum, the Ohita Art Museum in Ohita Prefecture, the Hakodate Art Museum in Hokkaido, the British Museum in London, the Victorian Art Centre in Melbourne, Australia and others.

In 1999 the Stockton, California Sister City Association hosted an exhibition of Mr. Maeda's works at the Fukushima Art Gallery. All of the nearly 100 prints that he brought for display for his exhibition were sold to Northern California art collectors and enthusiasts.