Huc-Mazelet Luquiens Biography

Huc-Mazelet Luquiens




Printmaker Huc-Mazelet Luquiens was born in Massachusetts in 1881, grew up in New England, and attended Yale University before moving to Paris to study art.  He came to Hawaii in 1917, where he taught art at the university of Hawaii in 1925 – the first year the subject was offered at the school.  Eventually, he became head of the art department and was largely responsible for attracting qualified instructors and pupils. 

In New England, Luquiens had focused primarily on portraiture and architectural subjects.  In Hawaii he discovered a newfound passion for landscapes, being a major voice in community affairs concerning nature during the decade he resided there.  In this time he created 330 etchings, drypoints, aquatints and woodcuts, and co-founded the organization of Honolulu Printmakers, which continues today.

He remains a major figure in the art history of Hawaii.