Marc-Antoine Louttre-Bissiere Biography

Marc-Antoine Louttre-Bissiere




Marc-Antoine Louttre-Bissière, also known as “Louttre.B”, was born in Paris, France on July 15, 1926, to an artistic family. His father was the painter and printmaker Roger Bissière (1888-1964), and his first training was working with his father and at the workshops of the painter Alfred Manessier and the sculptor Etienne Martin. Louttre left Paris in 1938 moving to Boissiérette in the Lot where he remained until 1949 when he returned to Paris. His earliest paintings date from 1942 and his work was included in an exhibition in Paris at Galerie de France in 1944. At the time he was using the name Antoine Bissière. In 1954, Louttre married Laurie Latapie, daughter of painter Louis Latapie, with whom he had four children, one being painter Martin Bissière.

He began to work in engraving in 1960, studying with Marcel Fiorini and experimenting with combining copper plates with woodblocks for a sculptural effect. The following year Louttre won the second Biennale de Paris.

He returned to Boissiérette in 1962 and his imagery became more representational. It was at this time that he began to sign his name using his father’s nickname for him “Louttre” (Otter) in order to differentiate his work from his father’s. A very productive artist, he created over 400 prints.

Louttre also worked in other art forms, from sand painting to stained glass, sculpture, tapestry design and book illustration. His work was included in exhibitions all over the world and is held in several important collections, including the Musée des Beaux-arts in Bordeaux.

Marc-Antoine Louttre-Bissière died in France on April 6, 2012.