Siri Elsie Magnus Lagercrantz Biography

Siri Elsie Magnus Lagercrantz




Painter, printmaker, designer, and illustrator Siri Elsie Magnus-Lagercrantz was born on September 28, 1875 in Gothenburg, Sweden. She studied painting under Carl Larsson and Robert Thegerstrom at the Valand Academy in 1892, and at the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts. Following this, she traveled to Paris to continue her studies at the Academie Colarossi before returning to Sweden. An interest in learning woodcut led her to the Kunstlerinnenverein in Munich and with Max Kleinsorgin in Copenhagen. Magnus-Lagercrantz would become a leading Swedish Modernist woodcut artist and a founding member of the Original Woodcut Association, and in 1931 she exhibited with fellow female woodcut artists Mollie Faustman, Ingegerd Beskow, Hilda Hayman, Ninnan Santesson, Anges Elvi Wonden, and others at the Gothenburg Gallery in 1931. She continued to work and exhibit until her death on April 17, 1944.