H.C. Barenholdt Biography

H.C. Barenholdt




Painter, printmaker, and graphic artist Hans Christian Barenholdt, who went by H.C. Barenholdt profesionally, was born in Kroge, Denmark, on March 5, 1890. His formal art education took place at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen from 1910 to 1915, taking study trips to Switzerland (1912 - 1913) and Oslo (1913 - 1914). He was a pupil of Lauritz Tuxen, Peter Rostrup Boyesen, and Johannes Glob, and studied privately with Peter Hansen. In the early 1920s he traveled throughout Germany and Italy to study and paint, and to support himself he worked as a graphic artist. He began exhibiting in 1911 and continued into the 1970s, participating in group and solo shows throughout the Netherlands, Norway, and Germany, as well as in Switzerland and London. He was primarily known for his paintings of landscapes and his portraits of noted Danish figures, particularly prominent residents of Kroge. He died in Copenhagen on August 31, 1976.