Stephen Izant Biography

Stephen Izant




Clarence Stephen Izant, painter and printmaker, was born to Silas and Sarah Izant on 7 October 1884 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Izant was also an architect and engineer. He began his career in Cleveland and, in 1907, married Lida Charlotte Houghton. Between 1916 and 1923, he was works manager of Corning Glass Works in Corning, New York. Izant moved to Los Angeles in 1923 where he became manager of the A. J. Bayer Company and he cast the first Academy Award Oscar. In 1939 he established his own successful company manufacturing ornamental bronze and metal work. His architectural metal work adorns the Doheny Memorial Library and the Hancock Memorial Museum at the University of Southern California, and he produced a spun-stainless steel and glass fountain at Santa Anita Race Track, and the bronze work in the Los Angeles Times Building.

Izant was a member of Painters and Sculptors of Los Angeles and served as president in 1935, the California Arts Club, the California Society of Etchers, and the California Print Makers Society. His work is represented in the Library of Congress.

Clarence Stephen Izant died in Whittier, California on April 20, 1949.