Kiyoshi Iwata Biography

Kiyoshi Iwata




Painter, printmaker, and video/digital media artist Kiyoshi Iwata was born in Nagoya, Aichi prefecture, Japan, in 1940. Iwata was trained in traditional paintings and printmaking but was known for his experimental work, using flourescent inks when they became available to the art world in the 1960s, printing on foil papers and other unusual surfaces, and using Xerox machines to produce mixed-media works. He also works in video and digital art. He is a member of Kokuga-Gai Japanese arts association. He has exhibited with the Japan Print Association, and at the Krakow International Print Exhibtion and Seattle Art Museum, among others. 

Selected awards: 
1970: Grand prize, Museum of Modern Art, NY
1985: Gold prize, Paris International Computer Art Exhibition

Museum of Modern Art, NY; Honolulu Museum of Art, Hawaii; Warsaw National Museum, Poland; Dusseldorf Art Museum, Germany; Aichi Prefecture Art Museum, Japan; and others.