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Shuzo Ikeda




Shuzo Ikeda was born in 1922 in Kisakata-machi, Akita Prefecture, Japan. He graduated from Tokyo Higher Normal School in 1945, and began to teach from 1946 to 1955. After teaching, Ikeda worked in Tokyo as a full-time Hanga artist, which was an artist who worked in woodblock printing. He was especially good in integrating the texture of the woodblock grain into his images. Shuzo specialized in wide-eyed children with flowers, birds, insects, sacred stone images, and native dolls. He often signed his drawings as "Shu. Ikeda".

Shuzo Ikeda's art is typical for the post-war economic booming years of circa 1960 until 1985. It was the period of a prosperous post-war economy and of great cultural changes in the industrialized Western nations, in the way of life, music and fashion.