Irwin D. Hoffman Biography

Irwin D. Hoffman




Irwin David Hoffman was born on March 8, 1901 in Boston, Massachusetts to Russian immigrants Jacob and Minnie Hoffman. Ge attended the Boston Museum of Fine Arts as a 15 year old and graduated from there. At age 19 he had his first exhibition in Boston.

In 1924 Hoffman received the most prestigious award given by the Boston Museum School, the Paige Traveling Scholarship.  The scholarship allowed him to travel abroad in 1927, studying and painting all across Europe. It was then that he not only came face to face with the traditions that he had learned in school, but perhaps more importantly, became aware of the modern trends that were sweeping the European art scene at the time.

After completing his studies overseas (he also visited Russia in 1929), Hoffman set up a studio in New York City, which he maintained until his death. Irwin Hoffman married Dorothea Geyer in Manhattan on April 9, 1930.

New York City was his base from which to work, but his love for new experiences caused him to often tag along with his brothers. Hoffman's brothers owned a mining company and prospected in the southwest, Mexico and Puerto Rico. The artist in Hoffman was heavily influenced by the people of the small villages that he visited while with his brothers' mining company

Hoffman was adept at printmaking, working in intaglio and lithography, as well as receiving honors for his painting and sculpture. He published 15 prints with Associated American Artists (AAA) in New York between 1934 and 1945. He was a member of the Society of American Graphic Artists, Society of Independent Artists, Associated American Artists, Society of American Etchers, and the Print Club of Albany. His work is represented in numerous public and private collections throughout the country.

Irwin D. Hoffman died in New York in March of 1989.